The History

The Genesis of the Turton/Osborne Project 
by Ken Davis

Early in the year 2000 Montreal, Canada, Irwin Frank, a footballer of the 1960’s, suggested to Theo Coqueran, Vic Hayes, Sugar Huggins, and Ken Davis, that it would be a good idea to honor the memory of our deceased friend Val Turton (Pinhead) by playing a football match  between the old members of Juniors football club and the present members.   In December of that year, this group formed itself into an ad hoc committee to explore the possibility of arranging such an event.  

While exploring ideas, Fred Thornhill suggested that a better way to honor the memory of Val might be to also honor another deceased friend and great footballer, Carl Osborne by re-creating the classic intercol match between Presentation and Naparima colleges, the alma mater for Val and Carl.  

Theo Coqueran, Irwin Frank and Ken Davis came to Trinidad in January 2001 to stimulate interest in the idea. Guy Ottley, Adrian Chandler, Roy Regis, Fred Thornhill, Oswald Joseph, Ed Turton and Dennis Turton thought that it was a marvelous idea.  The Val Turton-Carl Osborne Foundation was born.

The Canadian Committee decided to donate a trophy to be known as the Val Turton/Carl Osborne Memorial Trophy.

The idea was discussed with the Principals, Sports Masters of the two colleges and the wives of the deceased players who all agreed to support the staging of such an event. A local committee was formed to make the arrangements for the staging of the game.

The committee decided that the first match would be staged in September 2002 and that a bursary would be given to a worthy player from each of the teams. It was also decided that the Val Turton/Carl Osborne Foundation would be established to raise the necessary funds. Discussions were held with the Old Boy’ Associations of both schools and Juniors Sports Club.  They agreed to jointly manage the Foundation and the arrangements for subsequent matches.

A meeting was held with the Mayor in February, 2002. He has given the project his full support and has agreed to host a civic receptor for participants on September 25th, 2002. The mayor has also agreed to donate a trophy to go to the winner of an annual football match between two girls high school football teams.

The inaugural match between Naparima and Presentation to decide the winner of the Val Turton/Carl Osborne Memorial Trophy was played on Saturday September 28th, 2002 at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium.

Some of the people involved in this project include:

In Trinidad – Adrian Chandler, President, Juniors Sports Club; Dennis Turton, Guy Ottley, Wayne Smith, Roy Lynch, Roy Jagroopsingh, Edmond Turton, Leslie Hoyte, Bob Paul, David Sammy, Ken Noble, Carlie Greer, Ed Turton, Oswald Joseph, "Peggy" Lynch, Norbert Yawching, Joel Edwards, Philis Phillip, Junior Yuille, Larry Solomon, Trevor Baptiste, Bertie Alves, Bing Dymally, Inskip Diaz , Fred Thornhill, Presentation and Naparima Old Boys Associations.

In Canada – Irwin Frank, Victor Hayes, Theo Coqueran,  Holly Ramdial, Gabie Mc Sween, Winston Cheeseman, Sylvan Bowles-Dove, Julian Marcelin, Peter Marcelin, Colin Benjamin, Vernon Eccles, Frankie Rampsaroop, Felix "Jap" Assoon, Joe Alexis, Terry Paris, Irwin  Belgrave, Ron Licorish, Billy Samuel, Leo Bertley, Errol Clement, Naparima Old Boys Association and Ken Davis.

In England – Terry Crawford, Trevor Crawford, Panks Crawford, Leslie Thorpe, Bucoo Muckram, Hollis Sherwood, Kenny Gibbs, and Kelvin "Pony" Caballo.

In the United States – Ravel Coqueran, Ghandi and Linda Dayal, Cleveland Osborne, Gerard Osborne, Gregory Rigsby, Carlton Joseph, Shirley Turton, Noreen Osborne, Winston Franco, Junior Barrow, Jim Granger, Ken Ross, Trevor Chandler, Selwyn Polonais, Ben Brown, Litus Coqueran, and the Presentation College Alumni.

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